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The Best Male Grooming Products To Invest In This Year

Men's best grooming products

Men's best grooming products

It is true that men are becoming increasingly aware of skincare solutions designed specifically for them to target their manly concerns.

And, while well-kept facial hair regains respect outside of the hipster circle, we’re even seeing a rise in the male grooming products on offer, from nose hair trimmers to eyebrow tweezers.

So, perhaps it’s time to drop the façade guys, we know deep down you care about how you look. So, to help you primp and perfect, these are some of the best products worth investing in, in 2018.

Matt Hair Paste

Johnny's Chop Shop Matt PasteSay goodbye to slick rick, and hello to rough and rugged. Well, not too rough. The perfect ‘unkempt’ hairstyle, still takes a bit of work. With the Johnny’s Chop Shop No.1 Matt Paste, guys can now get texture and definition, without the stickiness – you’re welcome.

A Heavy Duty Moisturiser

Lab Series Power Lifting Serum

Your girlfriend’s moisturiser isn’t designed to revitalise dry skin from shaving. And don’t worry, owning your own won’t make you any less of a man. The Lab Series Power Lifting Serum will help to tighten and tone the skin, while visibly redefining its appearance.

A High Tech RazorLithium Ion Razor

The Stainless Steel Lithium Ion grooming kit by Wahl is a versatile heavy duty razor with an interchangeable head to achieve the style you’re after. It’s a solid accessory, but with worldwide voltage makes it the perfect travel companion to keep you looking sharp, wherever you go.

A Zip Up Manicure Set

Ted Baker Grooming Kit

Don’t be alarmed. We’re all friends here and everyone knows that sometimes blokes get a stray eyebrow hair that needs plucking or a sharp nail that needs filing. The Ted Baker Male Manicure Set has everything you need for those little ‘mishaps’. With stainless steel clippers, tweezers, a nail file, cuticle pusher and scissors, you can get away with doing these on your own and the GF won’t even have to know!

Dry Shampoo

Johnny's Chop Shop Dry Shampoo

C’mon guys, the girls have been onto this miracle make over in a can for ages! Perfect for when you’re short on time post work out or if you’re heading straight from the office to a dinner date. The Hobo Hair Dry Shampoo is an instant de-greaser with a matte finish to revamp your roots and add lift between washes.

An Eau De Parfum FragranceChanel Blue Fragrance

Stop buying Eau De Toilette, spend a little more and invest in a parfum that will linger for longer. For a real manly fragrance that isn’t too floral but smells like class, Chanel Bleu takes our vote.

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