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Did you know that Blue Stratos has partnered with the Movember Foundation?

We recommend purchasing an eau de toilette for your moustache this November, to add that extra class.

This year, Blue Stratos has partnered with the Movember Foundation to provide men's grooming products that both support Aussie blokes and the cause.

Each year in November, a change washes over Australian faces; blokes go from trying to tame their facial hair to promoting and looking after it. That's because 2015's penultimate month is dedicated to (literally) growing awareness of men's health issues through the growth of a hairy upper lip.

Movember encourages men here in Oz and around the globe to let loose the hairs of war and asks Mo Bros and Mo Sisters to raise funds and awareness for men's health along the way. Here at Key Sun, we're proud to say our brand Blue Stratos has partnered with the Movember Foundation to offer three male grooming products that will be helping the month.

The hairiest collaboration of the year

Blue Stratos is one of the nation's most famous providers of men's fragrance, and has been for decades. In fact, our fougere scents are even featured in the coveted H&R Genealogy of Masculine Fragrances, among some of the world's other leading eau de toilettes. Not only that, but it's also a top brand for men's deodorants and aftershave lotion, as well as a dedicated Movember range, MO by Blue Stratos, available year round.

Indeed, whether you want to grow a Mo to support the cause or are buying gifts for someone who is, MO by Blue Stratos is a label you can rely on. Our Soap on a Rope is a fresh, quirky way to keep your moustache canvas (your face) clean, while our Aftershave will help sooth and revitalise your skin after trimming. Finish your new grooming regime with a splash of Eau de Mo, a fresh, musky scent for your upper lip, and you'll be a classy force to be reckoned with.

Men's health is a serious issue, but it can slip under the radar a little too often.

Even better, each and every MO by Blue Stratos product sold will donate $1 to the campaign, so you won't just look good, you'll be doing good.

What is Movember?

Men's health is a serious issue, but it can slip under the radar a little too often when bravado and pride stop us from getting important checks, or talking about our problems. Thankfully, the Movember Foundation drives action in this area, having raised over $685 million since 2003 and funded over 1,000 men's health programs. These cover issues from prostate and testicular cancer to physical inactivity and poor mental health. 

Rather than looking at the statistics – men dying younger than women, for example – the Movember Foundation has taken a stand and is encouraging you to join them. So this November, join Blue Stratos in letting Australia's lip hair loose by taking part in Movember, to help change the face of men's health.

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