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The Surf Brands Giving Back to the Environment

Vissla Coconut Boardshorts

Vissla Coconut Boardshorts

With Manly set to host the inaugural Sydney Surf Pro event for another year running, we decided it was time to take a look into the brands who are doing their bit for the environment to ensure our backyard coastlines remain in tact for years, decades, even centuries to come.

It’s not uncommon to hear of surf brands in particular, giving back to the planet in a bid to preserve our pristine waters so that wildlife and natural wonders can survive the detrimental effects of global warming. Given the soul of surfing resides in crystal clear waters, it comes as second nature for surf-wear brands to take on their role as advocates for producing eco friendly products and supporting a greener future.

From recycled fishing nets, to plastic bottles turned board-shorts, these are the brands that are reducing their environmental footprint, while building a global industry in sustaining our oceans through wearable recyclables.

Adelio Wetsuits

With a strong emphasis on reducing their carbon footprint, Adelio wetsuits are made from limestone neoprene, which replaces petrochemicals that are used in some other forms of neoprene currently on the market. “Carbon black, one of the key ingredients of neoprene, is now also pyrolysed from scrap rubber tyres which significantly reduces energy consumption and cuts c02 emissions by 299g per wetsuit”. And if that isn’t enough to get your toes tingling, they also use an environmentally advanced solution, which turns roughly 45 plastic bottles per wetsuit into polyester fabrics that work as an outer laminate. For performance and sustainability, Adelio definitely gets our vote.


According to these guys, coconuts are the gifts that keep on giving. Yep that’s right. Vissla are now turning the husk, which would otherwise be considered waste, into an activated carbon fabric to make boardshorts. They upcycle the remains with discarded plastic bottles to create Cocotex®, a breathable, stretchy and odour fighting boardie. Vissla also have an Eco Seas wetsuit constructed from advanced environmentally conscious materials, including natural rubber from harvested renewable rubber trees to replace neoprene all together. As naming rights sponsors for the upcoming Vissla Surf Pro at Manly in Feb, if you didn’t know about them before, you’re sure to be well acquainted over the coming weeks.


As silent killers of the ocean, Abysse takes ghost fishing nets and gives them new life through fabrics used to create their stunning bikini designs. With thousands of fishing nets discarded in the ocean every year, you can imagine the impact they have on marine life. Combining the development of cutting-edge technological solutions coherent with ethical code, Abysse works to increase environmental awareness in the surfing, diving and swimming community. They also produce all of their wetsuits from limestone-based neoprene and they partner with Sirens for the Sea – a charity made up of scientists that work to educate and raise funds that contribute to making our oceans a better place. Need we say more?

The ECOBOARD Project

The initiative launched by in California, are making it easy for surfers worldwide to invest both dollars and consciousness into a greener future of surfing. They’ve created their own ‘stamp of approval’ that helps surfers identify whether their boards have been manufactured using sustainable materials. Given the average surfboard is constructed from toxic substances, including polyurethane foam that ends its life in landfill, it seems a far cry from the eco friendly roots of the treasured sport. The ECOBOARD project is a verified way to ensure your next shred stick isn’t harming the environment for which it was designed.

Salt Gypsy

For the lady sliders, Salt Gypsy are bringing the goods. With ECONYL® yarn (100% regenerated nylon yarn coming from pre and post consumer nylon waste) used to produce their fashion-forward surf leggings for women. With their R- Certified products, meaning they have been made with renewable energy or green power, Salt Gypsy are providing girls world-wide with conscious options for surfing in. High fashion rash-guards, patterned leggings and cool, minimalist tees and accessories make up their product range that’s turning the water into a runway of successful sustainability, and we’re digging it!


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