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Party Season Tips for Whiter Looking Teeth

Tips for whiter looking teeth

Tips for whiter looking teeth

If the upcoming Christmas parties and inevitable group photos have you nervously practicing your closed mouth smile, then it’s about time you addressed those discoloured teeth that have been well and truly killing your confidence!

We know hefty whitening procedures may not be for everyone, but there are some ‘home hacks’ that are sure to work a treat on stained teeth, to turn them into pearly whites again.

So, for a show stopping smile this party season, here are a few in-the-know tips for whiter looking teeth.

Selfies at the ready!

Brush your tongue
The bacteria on your tongue could be to blame for tooth discolouration. So, when brushing your teeth, be sure to save a few strokes for the tongue before rinsing with water.

Up your intake of strawberries
It is a summer fruit after all! Due to their acid content, strawberries can actually help to brighten your teeth. For the perfect combination, mash a ripe strawberry with a pinch of bicarbonate soda and dash of water. Dip your tooth brush in the formula and scrub!

Avoid dark foods
Things such as soy sauce and red wine can cause tough stains on the surface of the teeth. In the lead up to an event, it’s best to avoid these foods all together for optimum pre-party whitening.

Use teeth whitening trays
For a brighter looking smile in an instant, a home teeth whitening kit with gel trays will ensure the whitening paste is distributed evenly among the teeth and can work to target those dark and stubborn stains that often form around the gum line.

Eat your greens
Mums are always right. Broccoli – which is high in fibre and iron – helps to reduce inflammation in the mouth by creating a barrier against enamel eroding acid produced by bacteria.

Sip on H2O
Not only is it good for your hydration, but sipping water throughout the day helps to clear the teeth of any food residue, while washing away any could-be stains before they get the chance to latch onto the surface of the tooth. Increased water consumption also promotes saliva, which is a natural cleanser for the teeth to keep them looking polished and bright!

Go for the cheese
Cheese lovers unite! Cheese contains lactic acid and the enamel fortifying mineral calcium, which helps to strengthen the teeth while whitening them.

Keep your toothbrush healthy
You use it every day to wash away bacteria build up, so make sure you’re caring for your teeth by swapping out your toothbrush every 8 weeks. This ensures the bristles remain in tact, so they can target the tight areas and brush away as well brush away plaque build up.


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