How To Avoid A Holiday Hair Disaster



If you’re like us, you’ve probably got plans to bask in the sunshine, while sipping cocktails poolside these holidays. Yet, as wonderful as it sounds, if you’re not careful, a carefree break mightn’t quite go to plan.

We don’t want to alarm you, but sun, salt and pool chemicals can wreak havoc on what were once luscious locks. So, to avoid a holiday hair disaster, there are hair-care rules that mustn’t be broken, to ensure you and your ‘do’ manage to get some R&R during the break.

One must always….

Avoid bathing too often in chlorinated swimming pools

The chemicals in chlorinated pools not only dry out your hair, but can also turn it into a tinge of green. If the infinity pool is just way too enticing, try wetting your hair with clean water or soaking it in hair oil before diving in. The idea is that your locks will have already absorbed the water or oil, which can then protect the strands from sucking up additional chemicals.

Travel with a leave in hair oil

On that note, always use hair oil; before swimming; after swimming; after showering; even before bed! A good quality hair oil with Keratin or Argan proteins are designed to absorb into each strand, ensuring your locks remain soft and supple and will work to avoid any split ends and hair breakage!

Protect the hair from UV damage

We all like a bit of naturally sun-bleached hair, but too much of anything isn’t good for you. As the heat from the sun bleaches your hair, it also makes it dry and brittle (not to mention a potentially sunburnt scalp, ouch!). For the best protection, always wear a hat!

Always rinse post swim

Though salty hair is what holidays are all about, this too can be dry and damaging. A fresh water rinse post ocean swim and a gentle comb will simply wash away the salty residue. For beach style waves, plait your hair loosely until it dries, then scrunch and tousle with your fingers for a natural look!

Avoid using a hair dryer

With plenty of heat exposure from the sun, drying your hair with a hairdryer or using a straightener will only do more damage on your delicate locks than good. Summer vacay is all about embracing the topknot ladies – for two things. 1: to keep the hair out of your face during the day and 2: to create natural texture in waves if a down-do is what’s planned for the evening.

Pack a repairing shampoo and conditioner

What ever you do, do not rely on hotels to provide you with quality hair care products! A deeply moisturising shampoo and conditioner combo is a must for keeping your holiday hair in tact. For even better results, use a leave in deep conditioning crème every other evening to ensure your hair remains nourished throughout your trip!

Use a scalp friendly brush

Avoid hair breakage and loss by using a sturdy but gentle detangling brush. The Michel Mercier range offers exclusive patented bristle placement, ensuring the pressure is dispersed on the hair evenly to reduce hair loss and minimise the potential for split ends!

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