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The Key To Maintaining Sun Kissed Skin (without the sun!)

Sun tan without the sun

Sun tan without the sun

The transition from summer to autumn is often made even more difficult when we have to say goodbye to our golden glow. As we prepare to don the trousers and long sleeves for yet another year, maintaining that sun kissed look shouldn’t come at a cost to our health.

While our outfits change, so too should our skincare regimen. From switching to a lighter foundation, to increasing the use of serums that will help keep dry and flaky skin at bay.

By making a few adjustments to your daily routine, you can keep your summer skin healthy as we embrace the shift in season.

Here’s how…

 Increase the use of serums

While your summer skincare routine is about controlling oil and shine during the humidity, autumn is about repairing summer sun damage and protecting your skin from the dry, cool air. And, a good quality serum will work to target dull and dry skin while preventing the appearance of hyper-pigmentation. Whether you use it as a base or mix it with your moisturiser, your skin will thank you for it.

Apply a natural looking fake tan

Fake tan, as we all know, is the best way to get a golden glow without exposing your skin to harmful UV rays. However, some products containing nasty chemicals could still be doing your skin damage. For a natural looking tan that doesn’t cost you or the earth, the best products are those that don’t contain parabens and are made from organic ingredients. Our fave? Eco Tan Winter Skin – a gradual tan that doesn’t stain your sheets, and smells nice too!

Add retinol to your routine

Retinol Vitamin A helps to dramatically reduce the appearance of brown spots caused by the summer sun as well as reduces visible signs of skin ageing. Look for a Retinol formula that is gentle on the skin, to avoid skin peeling and apply before bed for optimum results.

Use a gentle exfoliant

While foam cleansers work well over the summer months, these can dry out the skin when the temperature drops and there is less natural oil being produced. For an antioxidant rich and moisturising deep cleanse, the seaweed, honey and herb polishing scrub by Beauty and the Bees is an incredible concoction of naturally exfoliating ingredients, including oatmeal, clay and dried honey. Perfect for all skin types and works to remove dry, flaky skin from the surface, leaving you with a supple complexion.

Protect with SPF

Just because there may be more clouds in the sky, doesn’t mean those UV rays are not as damaging. A daily application of SPF 50+ is still required to ensure you’re adequately protected from developing premature wrinkles, or worse, skin cancer.

Purchase a winter foundation

It might be time to store the honey coloured base for next year and invest in your winter-specific foundation. There’s no point spending hours trying to blend the line around your jaw, it’s best to accept the fact that we all get a little pale come winter and so your makeup should reflect this by opting for lighter shades to suit your (newly adopted) skin-tone.

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